Where are we located?
241 Forsyth st. SW Atlanta, Ga.
Office: 404.584.5847
Fax: 404.584.0051
Email: info@magiccity.com

What time does magic city open?
3pm Mon – Saturday. Closed on Sundays .

Is there a cover charge?

Dayshift 3p-9p Admission is 10$ Everyday 3pm-9pm.

Weekdays and Weekends, admission will vary. (Sorry we couldn’t be more helpful)

Do we serve food?
Yes! We have a full kitchen and are famously known for our wings!

Does Magic City serve alcohol?
Yes. We have a full service bar and staff.

Is Magic City a fully nude Adult Entertainment club?

What type of music is played at your club?
A wide variety of music is played consisting primarily of R&B and Hip Hop.

Are customers allowed to touch the dancers?
No.. There is a “touch and go” policy here at Magic City. .

How much are your table dances?
Table Dances are $10 per song.

Do you have a ATM machine inside?

Is there a surcharge for cash advances on credit cards?
Yes. 10%.

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Are there “Magic Dollars” at your club?
No. Ones are the typical bills used for tipping.

Is there a dress code?
Casual and Sophisticated. No Flip Flops, or Tank Tops. Ladies must be tasteful.

Is Magic City a 21 and over club?

How old do you have to be to dance at Magic?
21 years old.